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Tom Foskett Editor and WriterI’ve always been fascinated by writing. I don’t just mean that I love books (although I certainly do). I mean I’m actually one of those odd people who gets excited about all the things going on underneath – the technicalities of grammar, style, and voice, and the effects those things can have on the reader without them even realising it.

As a reader, I could never keep my analytical side under wraps (I imagine it makes me a terrible person to watch a film with). Through that though, I discovered a passion for helping other authors find what was missing in their stories. It wasn’t until one of those people accused me of being a professional editor that I realised I’d stumbled upon my calling!

Of course, writing a book is a deeply personal experience – you wouldn’t just let anyone near your work. I knew that if I wanted people to have confidence in me, I’d need more than just passion. That’s why I joined the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, the UK’s professional editing organisation. Thanks to their fantastic courses and professional development opportunities, I can promise you that your novel is in safe hands.

I have a BA in English from the University of Nottingham and a long background in writing and editing fiction of my own.

I love working with independent authors, and I’m particularly passionate about speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and all their lesser-known cousins). That said, I’ve worked on everything from memoirs to business plans, so if you think we’re a good fit just get in touch!

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In a former life I achieved minor internet stardom as the author of a popular gaming blog called The Altruist. Based on the MMO Eve Online, the site was praised for the quality and clarity of its content and was home to some of the game’s most popular written guides.

After growing up in Derbyshire, UK, I’m currently living in Sweden with my fiancée, Hannah. When I’m not reading books or helping write them, I’m an avid traveller with a passion for sailing, gaming and photography.

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