Services & Pricing

Publishing your novel is a big deal. As your editor, I’ll make sure your book is as awesome as it can be.

There are many types of editing, and it doesn’t help that even editors sometimes can’t agree on what we should call them!

To keep things simple, I offer three broad services. I’ll always strive to deliver the service that’s right for you, so If you’d like something a little more bespoke simply get in touch and I’d be happy to help you find the right option for your book.

Line & copy-editing

A line-by-line edit that polishes out ambiguities, errors, and awkward wording. I’ll make sure you deliver prose that’s ready to win over readers, without losing the voice that makes it uniquely yours.

Manuscript assessment

Is your story going to grip the reader? Are your characters interesting and well developed? Is the plot structured and paced effectively? I’ll identify any high level problems and work with you to create a solution.


A final comb through to eliminate any pesky errors in spelling, punctuation, and layout that have crept in throughout the writing and editing process.

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How will it work?

  1. Before we begin, I’ll ask you to tell me a little bit about your novel and send me a short extract (of about 3000 words) from somewhere in the middle.
  2. If I think I’m right for your book, I’ll send you a quote based on the extract you provided along with a free sample edit if you’ve asked for one.
  3. If you’re ready to get started, I’ll ask you to pay half of the fee upfront to secure your slot in my calendar.
  4. I’ll carry out your edit, keeping you updated on my progress and asking any necessary questions along the way. I use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes and comment features for my edits, so you’ll always get the final say on whether to accept them.
  5. Once the edit is complete, I’ll return the finished documents to you and you’ll pay the other half of my fee.
  6. After you’ve had a chance to review the edit, we’ll catch up so you can ask any questions you still have and we can discuss any further work that might be needed.

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